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Bringing Experience, Engagement, and Balance 

I bring experience to the Oxford Area School District School Board, starting day one.  I have served on the Board, and during that time I committed myself to learning what I would need to become an effective school board member, visiting the schools, taking numerous online tutorials, meeting with Administrators, and listening to stakeholders

I believe in engagement and communication with all stakeholders.  Through honest communication and respect, I have earned the reputation among District stakeholders as someone who is approachable, will listen to their concerns, and will work to the best of her ability to assist them with their questions and/or concerns.

I understand that balance is a necessity for an effective School Board Director.  In my previous time on the OASD Board I was successful at balancing my personal viewpoints with the needs of all District stakeholders, earning the respect of fellow Board members and stakeholders.  I will bring that balance back to the Board  so that the District can once again move forward.

Understands the Issues

I believe understanding the issues facing the District is critical to being an effective School Board member.  As I did with my previous time on the Board, I will research thoroughly the business which comes before the Board. I plan to resume my visits to each school annually, to meet with principals and teachers, tour the buildings and visit classrooms to better understand the conditions in our school.  In addition to serving on the committees to which I will be appointed, I will attend other District meetings, like curriculum meetings, take online tutorials, and stay informed on current educational topics.  The understanding of the issues I gained previously guided me in making the best decisions possible for our students and the community.  I will continue to be dedicated to understanding all the complexities of issues which come before the Board.

Listens to Stakeholders

  I understood the necessity of listening to all stakeholder from the beginning of my first campaign for School Director in 2017, when I stood on the door steps of parents and taxpayers, listening to their concerns about and praise of OASD.  Once elected to the Board, I continued to listen to other stakeholders as I visited each school and met with teachers and administrators.  During my time on the Board I continued to be responsive to parents and other members of the community.  During Covid I responded to emails and calles, listening intently to parents' concerns expressed by members of our very divided community.  Whenever and stakeholder reaches out to me, I have and will continue to work diligently to provide correct information and/or to connect the stakeholder with the best individual in the District to address his or her concerns.  I am always available to listen and assist.

Ecourages Collaboration and Balance

The School Board must balance the viewpoint of numerous stakeholders—parents, students, teachers, and taxpayers--to ensure informed decisions are made.  I understand an effective board member needs to know how to work well with others who may have differing opinions.  Additionally, that effective board member must also know how to balance her personal viewpoints with the needs of all students and families.  As a former OASD School member I have a proven record of fostering balance and collaboration to the benefit of our students and the District.  I will work to restore balance on the OASD School Board so that the Board can get back to the business of moving the District forward.  

Demonstrates Fiscal Responsibility

I know that overseeing the school district's budget is one of the most important jobs of a school director.  I understand the importance of maintaining a budget while investing for the future.  To that end, I will work to balance the District’s and community’s goals for the future of all OASD students with the revenue streams available.    I also understand that strong schools not only educate our children to be successful in the future, but also make our community a more attractive place to live, strengthening taxpayers' property values.  Consequently, I am committed to ensuring that all of our students receive the best education that OASD can provide while remaining financially responsible.   Finally, I will work with District administration to better highlight all the benefits of an OASD education, so that more District families choose Oxford schools for their children's education, keeping our tax dollars in the District, where they belong.

Future Goals
  • School boards that achieve progress for their districts work collaboratively as a team toward a common goal.  I will work to restore the collaborative spirit and balance on the OASD School Board so that progress can be made on behalf of our students. 

  • Today's parents have numerous choices when it comes to educating their children.  I will work with District administration to highlight District achievements and successes, as well as the many options available to students in OASD.  Ultimately, I will work to help create a campaign to spotlight our educational offerings and the benefits of an OASD education, so that we can better compete in the educational marketplace.  

  • Effective board members understand their responsibilities and the parameters of their job, but for the new board member there can be a steep learning curve which can lead to missteps and hamper forward progress for the district.  To help alleviate this situation in OASD, I would like to see the implementation of an on-boarding process for new school board members.

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